Byron Bay, Australia

They told us bricks and mortar retail was dying. So we opened a shop.

At the precipice of the death of human to human shopping four brands teamed up to create something, simply put, counterintuitive.This aptly named Collective Retail Venture; is the creation of Standard ProcedureEpokhe Premium EyewearMISFIT World Meets and Indosole.

Shopping online is at an all-time high but really the notion that is absolutely sky rocketing is “Community”. Something we’ve been starved of over the, dare we say the word… pandemic. At the ultimate risk of being a cliché, we’ve missed our friends. In an increasingly individualistic world what makes sense the most is to create a hub, in the heart of Byron Bay Industrial Estate, a place where you can buy some real good goods and hang out with your mates.

Collaborative retail is one small business helping another and another and another. At their core all four brands hold certain things close; the natural world, design, art and quality. These common values are reflected in the spaces curated by the brains behind the brands; long-time friends Kai Neville, Dion Agius, Nick Riley, Zepha Jackson and Chris Chong.

*Please contact us on hello@standardprocedure.co to confirm trading times