Following the Australian guidelines, for a TGA certified product, our bottles have to be food-grade virgin plastic. Currently we are unable to use recycled plastic as our packaging. This is something we will be paying close attention to new opportunities that arise for how we can do better.

For now, the bottles we use are made from ♻ 2 HDPE. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is, like BPA, a material derived from petroleum. The difference is that HDPE plastics are completely free from BPA and are therefore safe for applications that directly impact humans. HDPE 2 products are also easier to recycle and are able to be collected through your local recycling to be broken down and made into new products.

In addition to this, Standard Procedure has partnered with some incredible organisations with initiatives helping to spearhead the movement towards a circular economy. Independent recyclers around the world have turned to using the incredible open-source project Precious Plastic to turn plastic into incredible tangible objects and give them a new life. Our current Australian partners in this are; Socially Plastic / Local Loop , Ocean Crusaders , Defy Design

To help us in this recycling movement, simply:
Wash, Dry and Seperate your empty Standard Procedure Bottles
(You can do this by filling the bottle with warm soapy water, giving it a shake and tipping it out. The take the lid off and cut the bottle in half)
Choose your closest Precious Plastic collection point and hand over your used bottles!