Giving Back

While Standard Procedure celebrates the Australian culture, Dion + Zepha also recognise that these simple pleasures are imbedded in a privileged Australian culture that is not always available to some, with that in mind it is Standard Procedure mission to give back and help out where they can.

This is why Standard Procedure have chosen to support the incredible organisation Children’s Ground, to help assist with the important work that they do by donating a portion of all online profits. Children's Ground is a bold not-for-profit organisation led by First Nations communities, who fight to create a new future for First Nations children, families and communities who face the greatest exclusions and live with injustice and disadvantage every day.

With a long-term vision in mind, Standard Procedure will be donating 5% of all online profits to provide funds, help support, and bring awareness to Children’s Ground with the goal of creating equality and fair education for all Australians.

‘An Australia where all children and families live with dignity and are free from economic poverty and inequity.
An Australia that celebrates First Nations peoples, culture and future.’ Childrens Ground

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