Meet our Bestselling Sunscreen – SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Meet our Bestselling Sunscreen – SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Oct 17, 2023Ana Llaguno

Ready to discover what makes the SPF 50+ Sunscreen our signature product? 


Imagine this: you're out in the sun, feeling fantastic and secure, all thanks to our SPF 50+ Sunscreen. It's your loyal companion for all things outdoor. So, what makes it a standout choice? Let's take a closer look:

Australian Made: Our sunscreen is meticulously manufactured on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, within a solar-powered facility with over four decades of experience. This commitment to excellence empowers Standard Procedure to deliver top-tier, high-quality products to you.

Maximum Sun Safeguard: Our SPF 50+ Sunscreen protects you against UVA and UVB rays. It's the simplest way to enjoy the sun without the unwanted sunburn. Be it windsurfing, hiking a trail with your family, or sharing a wave with friends, this sunscreen has your back.

Weightless and Non-Greasy: Say goodbye to the sticky, heavy sunscreen feel. Ours is feather-light and non-greasy, allowing you to dive into your activities without any uncomfortable residue. It's all about providing you with a comfortable experience.

Clean Formulation: Our sunscreen is made with Australian Superfruits with Antioxidants and Vitamins A, B + C, making it the perfect formula for everyday wear on your face and body, and it’s also gentle enough for your children. 

Eco-Friendly: We're committed to preserving the environment. Our SPF 50+ sunscreen is ocean-friendly, so you can swim and enjoy the water without compromising marine life.

Whether you're having a lazy day in the shallows, taking on a new adventure, or heading out windsurfing, you can trust us to keep you well-protected. Welcome the sun responsibly with Standard Procedure.

Level up your sun protection and explore our SPF 50+ Sunscreen. Always remember to slip, slap, slop. 

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